The Art of M&A Valuation and Modeling

Valuation is not just a critical step in buying or selling a company, it's an instrumental tool for measuring and managing the successful growth of any business. If you are an advisor, investor, business owner, or board member, the The Art of M&A Valuation and Modeling: A Guide to Corporate Valuation provides the essential information you need to:

  • Master the fundamentals of business valuation
  • Understand the difference between price and value
  • Analyze business potential using valuation multiples and DCF
  • Avoid the pitfalls of valuation "rules of thumb"
  • Use contingent consideration to bridge value expectations
  • Unlock value using tax structure
  • Build a transaction model that evaluates multiple forecast scenarios
  • Know when to buy and sell — and succeed

Regardless of a company's particular industry, financial condition, or stage of development, this book arms you with a full range of valuation methods and downloadable finance models suitable to any situation. You'll gain not only a rigorous understanding of quantitative financial models, but also the qualitative drivers that make a business more valuable in the eyes of a buyer. Unlike most other M&A texts, The Art of M&A Valuation and Modeling also explains how to enhance valuation using deal techniques learned only through the authors' decades of hands on, practical experience.

As an added bonus, the book features sample models and real-world examples so you can see the valuation process in action. This practical guide makes it easy for you to chart the course of your own company's growth, diversification, progress, efficiency, synergy, and more. For what it's worth, The Art of M&A Valuation and Modeling could be the best investment you'll ever make.

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