The Art of M&A (aka the "Big Book")

Make winning deals with confidence. The Art of M&A: A Merger / Acquisition / Buyout Guide, fourth edition, is an unsurpassed, one-stop guide to every facet of mergers and acquisitions. This definitive resource retains its popular Q&A format, offering quick access to all the changes that have occurred in the field since the merger wave of the 1990s. The book explores every key aspect of winning M&A transactions, and presents advice on avoiding common M&A pitfalls.

Filled with detailed examples and case studies, the fourth edition of The Art of M&A: A Merger / Acquisition / Buyout Guide features vital information on:

  • Getting Started in Mergers and Acquisitions — Learning the basic M&A process
  • Planning and Finding — Deciding what to buy and then locating it
  • Valuation and Pricing — Calculating the true value of an acquired company or unit
  • Financing and Refinancing — Mastering funding sources and issues
  • Structuring M/A/B Transactions — Managing general, tax, and accounting issues
  • Due Diligence — Looking into the target's past, present, and future risks
  • Documentation — Negotiating the acquisition agreement and letter of intent
  • Closing — Synchronizing the many individual items
  • Postmerger Integration — Capturing the economic value of synergies
  • Special Issues for M&A in Public Companies
  • Workouts, Bankruptcies, and Liquidations
  • Structuring Transactions with International Aspects

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