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Financial Models

  • Standalone DCF Model: A complete DCF model for Spice Island, Inc., a hypothetical publicly-traded company with two divisions.
  • Transaction Model: A transaction model with nine tabs that combines two standalone businesses.
  • Comparable Companies and Transactions: A template for valuing a hypothetical acquisition of a U.S. Class I railroad using both public companies and precedent transactions.
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital:  A target's weighted average cost of capital (WACC) using data inputs from three publicly-traded comparable companies.


  • Due Diligence Request List:  Annotated initial document and information request list, 18 pages.

Sample Chapters

  • The Art of M&A Valuation and Modeling: Table of Contents, Foreword, and Chapter 1 (Cracking the Code: What's It Worth?), 25 pages
  • The Art of Distressed M&A: Table of Contents, Foreword, and Chapter 1 (Overview of Business Failures), 44 pages.
  • The Art of Bank M&A: Table of Contents and Chapter 4 (Bank Strategies for Growth and Value), 27 pages.
  • The Art of M&A Financing and Refinancing: Chapter 2 (Assessing Financing Needs), 29 pages.
  • The Art of M&A: A Merger / Acquisition / Buyout Guide:  Chapter 5, partial (Structuring Transactions: General, Tax, and Accounting Considerations), 14 pages