Welcome students of Mergers & Acquisitions at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business!  The following links should contain most of the materials that we use in the course.  As mentioned during class, most files are password protected.  Also, do not assume that everything presented is included below — the files in the links below will not have all the graphics used in class, nor will they have the anecdotal color.

While there are no set office hours for this class, please email Prof. Nesvold (peter.nesvold@raymondjames.com) if you have questions, and he will make himself available outside of class. The email address for Professor Chatterjee, who is co-teaching the class, is chatterjee@fordham.edu.  Good luck!

Week 1: Wednesday, May 15 — Getting Started in M&A

Week 2: Wednesday, May 22 — Fundamentals of M&A, Lecture led by Professor Chatterjee

Week 3: Wednesday, May 29 — Fundamentals of LBOs, Part 1

Week 4: Wednesday, June 5 — Fundamentals of LBOs, Part 2

Week 5: Wednesday, June 12 — Case Study

  • Class will end at 7pm

Week 6: Wednesday, June 19 — Lecture led by Professor Chatterjee

Week 7: Wednesday, June 26 — Final Exam